Easy Halloween 2016 Costumes for Adults, Teens, Couple

Halloween costumes 2016

Easy Halloween 2016 Costumes for Adults, Teens, Couple: Panicking that you haven’t picked your Halloween costume yet? You’ve come to the right place. You don’t want that your desired costume has sold out the day before Halloween. You don’t have to spend $$$ on a costume or three hours doing your makeup to totally slay on Halloween. These awesome looks are easy to recreate, but still totally unique. Here’s every awesome costume you’ll want to wear for 2016.

Whether you’re looking for Halloween Couples Costume Ideas, tips for dressing up your little ones or something downright scary. We’ve rounded up great costume ideas help you make your decision before the big day.

Easy Halloween 2016 Costumes for Adults, Teens, Couple

There are many costumes available for wearing on Halloween but everyone search for latest Halloween costumes like cheap Halloween costume, cool and easy Halloween costume for women and men etc.


Best Costumes for halloween 2016

Cyriak Harris and Sarah Brown made an animation featuring zombie cats called Meow. Dawn Weast and Suzy Gruber were inspired by the video and made a Zombie Cat costume for Weast’s 5-year-old daughter Bell. The handmade costume is a dead ringer for one of the cartoon cats that gets turned into a zombie.


Halloween Costumes for Adults, Teens, Couple

Redditor notsohipster has a young cousin who has no legs. He and his little sister trick-or-treated in these clever costumes portraying a shark and her surfboarding victim.


Easy Halloween 2016 Costumes for Adults, Couple

A few years ago, redditor Camping Is In Tents posted a picture of her Tippi Hedren costume and got a rousing response. The idea references a popular movie, but you won’t see other people wearing it at the same party. She bought the birds, but had to alter the wings to make them just right. The idea has been used by creative costume-makers a couple of times before, even on TV.


Easy Halloween 2016 Costumes

The costume was created for a career day fair, but would work for Halloween for any redheads out there.


Unique Halloween Costumes for Adults, Teens, Couple

Amanda Fite was the pregnant zombie that stood out from the crowd at the 2009 Texas Frightmare Zombie Walk. Be assured, it was totally fake. A series of photos give you some idea of the work that went into this costume. See more photos from the 2009 Texas Frightmare Weekend Zombie Walk in Flickr user Ian Aberle’s photo set.


Halloween 2016 Costumes for Adults

Have you ever looked at a broken umbrella and thought about how it resembles a flailing bat? Lenore at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories made this Umbrella Bat costume out of one umbrella and a hoodie, and posted instructions so you can do the same.


Halloween 2016 Costumes for Adults Couple

The party was literary-themed, so Heather and David came up with a couple’s costume right out of the novel The Picture of Dorian Grey. Heather is Dorian, of course, and David is frame to be …his picture! Photograph by Flickr user Jason Adams.


Easy Halloween 2016 Costumes for Adults Couple

Jake Meek said his Bob Ross attire was purchased in the ladies department at a local thrift store, “which I can only assume is where all men’s clothing from the ’70s currently resides.” He’s posing with the Orbit Gum Lady.


Halloweens easy costumes 2016

Flickr user jpotisch made this snow globe costume by hand! The globe is design from clear acetate, and the snow is apply from bits of foam hanging by thread. He post the building process in a Flickr album with some commentary along the way and tell that it took about three days to build, but the finished product is a work of art! He also made the banana costume his son is wearing in the background—and it has a photo tutorial, too.


Easy Halloween 2016 Costumes for Adults, Teens, Couple

Flickr user Alida Saxon’s brother put this Helmet Cat costume together at the last minute. The painted green helmet is a basketball and the fur is salvage from a stuff toy. Make your favorite internet meme into a Halloween costume and half the folks you encounter will laugh; the other half will scratch their heads and wonder.


Halloween 2016 Costumes for Adults, Teens, Couple

Allison also posted an Instructables guide to recreating this Genie on a Flying Carpet costume one of her friends pulled off. The secret to carrying this around all night is a walker on wheels that supports the carpet!


Halloween easy costumes for couples

Here’s that same pair, this time as The Hamburgler and the woman on the Sunmaid Raisins box.


Cool halloween costumes for adults teens

You can even dress up as a browser logo. Firefox is the prefer costume, as it has recognizable features. This Firefox costume is enter in Crunchgear’s contest last year.


Halloween best costumes for adults

Darla is the bratty dentist’s niece in the movie Finding Nemo. The bag is crucial for this costume, otherwise people will assume she’s just an orthodontically-challenge kid. But with the bag, it’s perfect! Redditor jarrettbraun posted a picture of redditor neuhani’s clever Halloween costume from last year.


Unique Costumes for adults teens on halloweens day

Fans of the TV show The Walking Dead will recognize the Governor and his undead daughter. Redditor TriforceKing and his sister wear this Halloween. It helped that he already resembled the actor David Morrissey somewhat. It’s Halloween!


Halloween 2016 Costumes

Olivia Mears is a cosplayer and costumer extraordinaire. Taco Belle dress decorations are design from card stock, tissue paper and Taco Bell wrappers. The inspiration come from a previous costume event, when she went for some fast food.


Halloweens best Costumes 2016

DeviantART member Mnemousyne created this super-tall Jack Skellington costume by making a suit that fits over stilts. Her sister is modeling the costume here; Mnemousyne is in the Sally costume.

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