Scary Halloween Costumes 2016 for Boys and Girls

Halloween scary costumes
Halloween scary costumes

Scary Halloween Costumes 2016 for Boys and Girls: Halloween is just a few weeks away, and that means it’s costume crunch time. If you don’t have a costume yet, you’ll want to purchase one. Halloween costumes are often available in limited quantities, and you don’t want to find out that your desired costume has sold out the day before Halloween. If you’re not sure what costume you’ll wear to this year’s Halloween party, we’ve rounded up awesome costumes you can choose from. Our list is broken down into four sections: Women’s costumes, Men’s costumes, Girl’s costumes, and Boy’s costumes. Each section on the list includes five of the best costumes for that category. We’ve got some inexpensive costumes, as well as some premium costumes that will really make a dramatic impact. Read on to see our favorite costumes for Halloween 2016.

Scary Halloween Costumes 2016 for Boys and Girls

Halloween festival celebrated in US country. Though it is festival of Ireland but it is celebrated in all Western countries. On this day people wear scary Halloween costumes. There are many costumes available for wearing on Halloween but everyone search for latest Halloween costumes like cheap Halloween costume, cool Halloween Costumes 2016 for women and men etc.

  1. A Pumpkin This was my Halloween costume a couple years ago. The dress was something I had already in my closet. All I needed to do was make a headpiece in the shape of a stem using a couple pieces of green felt and black elastic, and pull on some green tights. This very dress is now up for sale in my shop. Add some face paint and you can be a creepy jack-o-lantern. But if orange is not your color, you can be other pieces of fruit or veggies too! Got a red dress? Be a tomato! Purple? Eggplant! You get the idea.

halloween costumes 20162. Silent Film Star Grab that black vintage dress, white tights and get ready to paint your face gray. Add a little black board to show your 1920’s era dialogue.

Amazing halloween quotes

3. Roy Lichtenstein Girl Now granted this costume is more about the makeup than what you’re wearing, but most vintage girls have polka dots and bright colors in her closet. Grab that polka dot dress, or classic 80’s geometric print secretary dress and get ready for a good solid hour of makeup application. But oh is it worth it!

halloween costumes 2016 for boys and girls

4. Miss Yvonne from Pee Wee’s Playhouse This one might require some male arm candy in a grey suit and red bow tie on your arm, but 80’s kids will undoubtedly recognize you if you wear a big poofy 50s style dress with your hair up in a massive beehive.

best halloween costumes for adults

5. Alice Keiko Lynn dressed as Alice in Wonderland a couple years ago. It’s not an uncommon costume in a mainstream sense. You can find a packaged, Made In China Alice Costume at your local Halloween shop, but vintage gals can give the character some vintage whimsy. Do you have a light blue vintage dress like I do? Maybe a vintage white pinafore apron like I do? BAM! I just figured out what I’ll be this year. Also, you could easily be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz with just a change from black to red shoes.

beautiful halloween costumes for boys and girls

6. Showgirl Harriett from Bright Young Twins rocked this authentic 30’s showgirl outfit. Now I’m not expecting you gals to have such a rare piece in your closet, but if you do, ummm, DUH! If you don’t, try wearing that dress with fringe you got, that big feather hat… get your glam on! Bedazzle your old black swimsuit, and step in some fishnets. This one can morph into a cigarette girl or circus performer… just depends on where you decide to take it.

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Scary Halloween Costumes for Girls

Best Halloween costume ideas for girls

halloween costume ideas girls women

Scary halloween costumes

Scary Halloween Costume ideas for girls

halloween latest costume ideas

Halloween costumes ideas for girls

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