Best and Thriller 2016 Halloween Nail Arts for Girls

halloween nail arts

Best and Thriller 2016 Halloween Nail Arts: Halloween is celebrated annually on the night of 31st of October. Different types of costumes are wear by the people on the occasion of the Halloween. The countries like United States spend most of the money on costumes alone every year. People want unique and beautiful dress, likes Halloween nail arts every year. The costumes resemble mainly the evil powers like witches, vampires, demons, pirates, etc. In Christians, it was believed that these costumes were used in order to keep the bad souls away from the people. Young generation love to wear costumes of different occupations. Matching makeover to the dress is also in trend. It is very time consuming but very famous.

Best and Thriller 2016 Halloween Nail Arts

The Halloween bells can be heard in the air and the scary clouds are all set to cover the sky as we are heading towards the month of Halloween. Aren’t you captivated by Halloween’s magnetic pull? I’m sure you are. Halloween makes its lovers anxious to get ready for this festivity on October 31. Whether it is about accessories, costumes or Halloween nail arts, people show great inclination towards them.

As I have been posting wonderful Halloween’s costumes and makeup ideas, today I am unfolding 25 simple, easy and scary Halloween nail art designs, ideas & pictures of 2012. Let’s jump in and enjoy Halloween more than ever.

Simple Halloween Nail Art Ideas

halloween nail arts

Zombie Manicure

scary halloween nail art

Spooky Haunted House Nail Art For Halloween

spooky halloween nail arts

Halloween Inspired Nails – Zombie Apocalypse Themed Wedding Nails

amazing halloween nail arts

Glow-in-the-Dark Half Moon

Beautiful halloween nail arts

Normal nails by day, Halloween nails by night.

Cat Face Manicure

some images for halloween nail arts

A clever way to do a spooky black cat. You could use a Sharpie to draw on the accents.

Spider Manicure For Halloween

happy halloween nail arts for girls

Here is some different look with spider manicure for Halloween.

Dracula Nails For Halloween

halloween nail arts images

Some different look with dracula nails for Halloween.

Gory Nails

Scary halloween nail arts for girls

This manicure looks so real, people will be asking you if you’re O.K.

Bloody Fingerprint Nails

images for halloween nail arts

Created by diluting red polish and finger-blotting it onto the nail.

Gothic Fingertips

Happy halloween nail arts images

A dusting of black powder will create a look that’s as dark as your soul.

Horror Movie Villain Decals

horror halloween nail arts

All it involves is adding small nail stickers atop a white gel polish look.

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